Visual Productions, LLC


Pat Cooksey


Throughout the over 25 years of his career as a film maker and cinematographer, Pat Cooksey has remained focused on one thing, producing amazing cinematic images regardless of the medium. Feature film style lighting, camera-work, and coverage have enabled him to achieve the consistent high end look and feel which keeps his clients calling him when they want a product with high production value.


Today, more than ever, with the development of cameras with wide dynamic range, large format digital sensors and using classic 35mm lenses, the ability to craft cinematic images that rival that of 35mm film has become a consistent and affordable reality.


Things that characterize Pat Cooksey's work:


• Feature film style lighting

• Composition and coverage that tell the story in a cinematic way

• Discreet but effective use of slow motion

• Appropriately motivated camera movement with emotional impact

• Excellent interviewing skills with high end lighting and camera-work