Motion Visual


Indi Feature DP with Kit


2 Red Camera Package


8 x Gold Mount Batteries

2 Chargers

Pictor 20-55 T2.8 Zoom

Pictor 50-125 T2.8 Cine Zoom

Sigma Art 18-35 T1.8 Zoom

Matte Box / Follow Focus

4X4 Filter Set - Pro Mist, Pola, Warm, Clear

Hand Held Rig

Sachtler Video 15Tripod

Sachtler DV4 Tripod

The Red Ranger Gemini features a 5K Super 35 sensor with 16+ stops of dynamic range and dual native sensitivity (ISO 800 and 3200) providing excellent low light performance with low to zero noise. A self contained camera, the Ranger features full audio , video SDI, and timecode inputs and outputs able to handle the requirements of high end feature film and commercial productions.


Red Komodo is the Perfect B camera delivering 6K resolution and the same color science and dynamic range plus a dynamic shutter. Lightweight and compact (4in. X 4in.) Komodo is the hottest camera on the market.


Red Ranger Gemini 5K Dual Native ISO

7" Monitor


2 480 gig Mini Mag

1 2 TB KT Long Take Mini mag

Red Thunderbolt Mini Mag Reader

Foolcontrol Camera control App


Red Komodo 6K camera

Small HD 5" touch control monitor

Tilta cage with top handle and rod base

Canon Variable ND filter

Gold Mount battery adapter

5 480 gig C-Fast media cards

C-Fast Thunderbolt card reader






Set of Sigma Classic Art Prime Lenses

Set of Arri Signature Primes


Director of Photography

Red Ranger Gemini Camera PKG

Red Komodo Camera Package

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