Motion Visual

Productions, LLC


Pat Cooksey - Director of Photography

With Camera Package

Red Ranger Gemini 5K Dual Native ISO

7" Monitor


480 gig Mini Mag w/ card reader

Foolcontrol Camera control App

4 x  Gold Mount Batteries


Sigma Art 18-35 f1.8 Zoom Lens

Sigma 50-200 f2.8 Zoom lens

Matte Box / Follow Focus

4X4 Filter Set - Pro Mist, Pola, Warm, Clear

Hand Held Rig

Sachtler Video 15Tripod

Red Ranger Gemini

Dual Native Sensitivity

5K Camera Package

The Red Ranger Gemini features a 5K Super 35 sensor with 16+ stops of dynamic range and dual native sensitivity (ISO 800 and 3200) providing excellent low light performance with low to zero noise. A self contained camera, the Ranger features full audio , video SDI, and timecode inputs and outputs able to handle the requirements of high end feature film and commercial productions.


The Gemini is ideal for independent feature films because the low light capability enables working with smaller lighting units, both tungsten and LED without compromising image quality or lighting style.  This eliminates the need for costly generators and expensive HMIs and tungsten fixtures.


The Red Gemini 5K sensor boasts 16.5+ stops of dynamic Range creating breathtaking cinematic images recorded to lossless space saving RedCode Raw along with secondary ProRez or Avid formats for immediate LUT applied color graded dailies. It also offers up to 90 FPS in full 5K resolution and up to 300 FPS in 2K resolution as well as time laps as slow as 1 FPS.




Set of Cine Prime PL Mount Lenses

Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 T2.9


Director of Photography with Red Ranger Camera PKG

 Day (10 Hr) - 1450.00

Half Day (5 Hr) - 850.00

DP Only (10 Hr Day) - 700.00

Feature Film Rate -Negotiable