Motion Visual


A Man with a Camera

Director of Photography with Gear

DP with Red Komodo Camera Package



  • Red Komodo 6K Camera
  • Variable ND
  • Tilta Cage System
  • 7 " OLED monitor
  • RED® PRO CFast 512GB
  • 4 x Gold Mount Batteries with Charger
  • SR Lightweight Matte Box / Follow Focus
  • Sigma 18-35 Zoom Lens
  • 4X4 Filter Set - 1/2 Pro Mist, Pola, Warm, Clear
  • Sachtler DV 4 Tripod


  • Shure FP33 Mixer w/ umbilical Cable for  Direct Record to Camera
  • Sony UMP-D Wireless Lav mic
  • Shotgun mic/hand held mic with wireless transmitter



  • Basic LED Interview Light Kit



Standard Package includes:


Director of Photography


Camera Package: Red Komodo 6K

Sound Package

Light Kit


Nissan 4 X 4 Pathfinder and Mileage within a 50 mile Radius of Atlanta or Kennesaw, GA


                                                                           950.00 10 hr Day

                                                                           750.00   5 hr Day: